Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

26.2.1654 (Sunday 26 February 1654)

document 70007795

Feb: 26: My John ill with a tertian ague, I want a fellow- feeling spirit, bearing a part of that burden under which others lie, I know not how to be at one end of a persons trouble to ease him while he is under it, teach me this art I humbly pray you, god good in the health of my family otherwise, the season dry and cold, so is my heart in a great measure(.) lord let thy self into my spirit, I am as one that has no communion with thee, but am as in the dark and alone, my spirit is straitened, and my heart is troubled, when will you enlarge thy spirit and bring me up out of the pit and snare, wherein I am held(.) god very sweet to me in the word this day.