Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

14.11.1651 (Friday 14 November 1651)

document 70006130

14: This day I set apart in fasting and prayer as I could on these occasions

1. in regard of the illness of my son John , that god would shine on him for health, and on us all in outward good, as he sees best, and be my god and the god of all mine, to renew and sanctify them.

2. to seek god and make me more profitable in the ministry of the word, and that the word might prosper to beget and strengthen souls, and to bless our fellowship.

3. that god would discover to me as he sees best, his operations that he is acting in the world, that so I may serve him therein, and not stumble at fall against any of them.

oh my dear son was ill as if he would have died, I cried to my god with tears for him and he heard presently as he sweetly revived, and lord set home to my heart my neglect of worshipping god in my family, delaying it till late, lord help me herein for mercy sake I humbly entreat thee.