Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

9.11.1651 (Sunday 9 November 1651)

document 70006125

No: 9. This week the lord was good to me and mine in our outward mercies, still we are kept when others are under this afflicting hand of god. my son Tho: sprained his neck this week, I thank god for his mercy towards us therein hoping that it will be very well, my heart more annoyed with vain worldly thoughts than formerly. my debts also run in my mind and disquiet me, I find when any vanity is not handled roughly at the first it gets the more advantage against us; the season was very comfortable we have not had very much wet as yet. the lord was good to me in some measure in the many outward and inward mercies, I enjoy in his sabbath for which I praise him