Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

2.11.1651 (Sunday 2 November 1651)

document 70006120

Nov: 2. The Lord was good to us in our health, and preservation(.) at night Tho: was ill, we are ready to have thoughts of the visitation to surprise us. through mercy my heart is stayed on god that he will preserve me and mine and that he will watch over us for good but these providences renew the sense of gods goodness to me in my preservations I bless god many former vain foolish thoughts do not pass through my heart as they have formerly. but this week also I was not so beforehand provided for the sabbath as my desire was. yet god was good to me in the word for which I bless his most precious name,

this night I apprehended all the vials to belong not to the end of the 6th trumpet but to the beginning of the seventh vial, as I intend at large to search into.

thoughts much of babylons fall, and that the passages in old Babylons fall are prophetic of the fall of Romish babylon.

one with me in trouble of mind, lord you are acquainted with her estate, make her to see her vileness to loath herself, and to see thee her alone salvation

The King escaping and appearing in France, matters growing very high in that nation, the state of England in this latter end of October, win Jersey island in the lap of France and the castle, as also Man island, and Limbrick in Ireland, which gives us hope of good success in our affairs at home, that we may more vigorously attend foreign designs, the Scots also are much divided, and divers tender compliances with England.