Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

21.6.1668, 25.6.1668, 27.6.1668, 28.6.1668 (Sunday 21 June 1668)

document 70015850

June. 21: god good to me in manifold mercies, had in some hay though rainy weather. a place at London for An . lord direct us. god good in his word. it thundered. the rains great. 23.

Ann went this 24 towards London, lord go with her, be the guide of her youth - 25. left her by agreement with Mr Gresham in the exchange at London. returned weary and sore. but thankful to god. 27. lord prosper these showers die 28. god good to me in the word, my son a great grief lord reclaim him from disorderliness.