Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr83)

31.5.1714 (Monday 31 May 1714)

document 41100433

at a court held 31.3.1691 Gilb Smith gentleman and Eliz his wife were admitted to them and assigns for lives and for the longer liver the remainder thereof to the right heirs of Gilb to one piece or parcel of land called Little Bridgemans with appurtenances abutting on a parcel land called Loveland to east and onto a lane leading from Earls Colne to Colne Engaine to north and also to various lands and tenements called Hobstevens containing by estimation 24a more or less and also to other customary lands called Pitchards containing by estimation 18a and also to all other customary lands tenements and hereditaments then late Jn Josselin deceased except the lands and tenements to which Jane Josselin widow was admitted for her life and afterwards at that court said Gilb Smith surrendered all and singular his lands tenements and hereditaments held of the said manor to uses of his last will and at a court held 26.5.1713 it appeared etc that Gilb Smith after the last court died seised now to this court comes Eliz Smith widow and relict of Gilb and produces in court last will of Gilb dated 28.4.1710 in following english words item I give unto Eliz my loving wife and her heirs forever all my messuages and farms lands and hereditaments whatsoever in the said county of Essex upon condition that she or they shall by mortgage or sale of all or such part of the said premises ab (sic) shall think fit raise monies and pay and discharge all my aforesaid legacies as by last will plainly appears after which said Eliz present here in court humbly petitions etc admitted etc to premises under the conditions according to the said last will giving lord fine etc