Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

19.9.1651 (Friday 19 September 1651)

document 70006030

19. This Friday morning my wife was very well delivered of her fourth son , and sixth child, much about seven of the clock, I intend to name him John , the lord be gracious and merciful to him, he was born on a day, that we had set apart for a day of thanks, and god began with me in my family, I preached at Markshall, where was a vast company, and a large dinner, gods hand was toward us for good, exceedingly:

A great Rabbi's saying. If the Messiahs coming be not before 1656. of the christians account then expect no other Messiah but the christians Messiah

I am persuaded the present dispensation is the breaking in pieces the kingdoms of the earth which god is entering on, and some time when this work is advanced, will the Jews appear; and then comes in the happy season of the flock.

[720. Churches:] q(uery) if not meant of churches reformed after the gospel pattern. so Smyrna Ephesus is England and Smyrna Ireland. and in these 2 nations only are particular gathered churches as yet.

Rev: 5. 12. worthy is the lamb to receive power. and he afterwards takes to himself his great power q(uery) whether then all this prophesy be not then eminently fulfilled, which was but darkly before. r(eceive)d this day a letter from London that my Lord Mayor expects me at my day, I shall not fail with gods leave