Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

23.10.1674 (Friday 23 October 1674)

document 70017760

23. rode towards London, returned. 29. did the business I went for well. that day a tenant of one of my parish. Tho Bowes Esq. being Lord Mayor Viner had his show. the K. and Court dining at Guildhall, my journey comfortable, all well at home for which I praise the lord.

[offer to John before his mother and four sisters.] John set yourself to fear god, and be industrious in my business. refrain your evil courses, and I will pass by all past offences. settle all my estate on you after your mothers death, and leave you some stock on the ground and within doors to the value of a 100li. and desire of you, out of your marriage portion but 400li. to provide for my daughters or otherwise to charge my land with so much for their portions(,) but if you continue your ill courses I shall dispose my land otherwise, and make only a provision for you for your life to put bread in your head.