Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

13.3.1653 (Sunday 13 March 1653)

document 70007135

March. 13. This week past the lord was good to me and mine in our outward mercies, wherein he has abounded towards me, and mine, my wife and John ill with their teeth, which I hope the lord intends for good to him, but oh how ill is my heart, very undigested in preaching and in making mention of god and his truths, oh lord raise up my heart unto more life and quickening I most humbly entreat thee, come in with thy power from above upon me for the lords sake I entreat you. oh enlarge my heart in supplication and seeking of thee, let me not be dead and senseless as it were in thy paths and ways. the lord in mercy pardon all my sins and accept me in his christ.