Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

11.12.1653 (Tuesday 11 December 1653)

document 70007675

December 11: The Lord was good to me and mine in outward mercies, only my wife very ill, and weakly in her childing, I trust the lord will reserve her a blessing unto me, I was not so exactly careful of fitting myself for the Sabbath, the lord I trust will perfect his mercy concerning me, and perfect my heart in his fear. My old vanities came and knocked, but found no room my heart ready to go out to them. but I hope god will not only help my heart against them, but will restrain them also; this day very lightsome and cheerful, god good to me in the Sabbath's work, he in mercy accept me and bless in my Johns foot, for on him I depend.

11. this night my meditations were, whether, and what further warnings from the word I should give of the approach of the evil days, unto my people, on the dissolution of this parl. and government which I apprehended would be though not when, and die. 12. it was done. 13.. I heard it