Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

23.11.1651 (Sunday 23 November 1651)

document 70006160

No. 23. The Lord was good to me and all mine in our healths, preservation, recovery from illness in my son John , the lord have the praise and honour of all, which I desired to return him in the great congregation, the Lord was good to me this week past for soul and body, standing by me in divers straits, and perplexities of spirit, helping me in some measure against my corruptions, that they prevail not over me. the smallpox continues still in town in many places. this week we heard the house voted November. 18. they would sit but 3 years more, the Cava(lier)s give out the King of Denmark is dead, and Charles Stuart called to that kingdom that he should marry the daughter of Spain. strange things: Its said the P. of Conde has sent over to us for soldiers but our state demurs, gods time is not fully come see what is done in France 1653. the Lord was good to me in the Sabbath and in the word on Rev. 1:3. lord make it a blessing to me and to mine I pray thee.