Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000765

Henrietta Sophia Skingley now wife of rev Thos Griffinhoofe 7.3.1838 will of father Hen Skingley
copyhold of Priory
to all that customary messuage called Clarkes and five crofts or parcels of land lying on the backside of the said messuage - quitrent £1.1s10d
and to another croft called Catts Crofts - quitrent 1s8d
and also to that field formerly divided into two parcels called Ten Acres - parcel of Clarks
and also to all those two parcels of land called Readings - parcel of Clarks
and also to all that one croft of land called Stonebridge Croft - parcel of Clarks
and also to all that croft of land called Mordens containing 1a2r - quitrent 5d
and also to all that one parcel of land lying on the west side of Brookhole, formerly of Jn Bird
and also all that croft called Whitecroft
and also to all those parcels called Beanfeild Wellfeild and Bambles
and to a certain croft called Murdons Croft and to another croft called Murdons and a garden called Murdons
and to a garden called Buggs Garden
and to another parcel of pasture enclosed in two pieces on part whereof at tile kiln was formerly standing
and also to all that parcel of land with a garden or grove adjoining called Sturpitts
and also to all that tenement with a garden adjoining called Doddingpolehoe
and also to all that tenement called Wanstaves and another croft of land called Howletts
and also to all that croft of land with an aldercarr called Smiths
and other lands formerly Jn Sexton
and also to all that tenement formerly of Rich Hoe
and also to all that pasture upon the Hoe formerly of Jn Willis (Jn Wallis )
and also to all that garden called Hedges Garden with a lane leading into the lands formerly of the Earls of Oxford called Bridgmans
and also to all that croft called Taynter Croft
Several of these I cannot locate by the names here given - or give the respective quitrents for each parcel. They seem to be included in the £1.1s10d Clarks Tenement and closes and also to one croft called Thredgolds alias Glaziers formerly of Rich Neville gent
and also to all that croft called Doddingpole Hoe - quitrent 1s
and also to all that croft called Sawers containing by estimation 4a - quitrent 4s
Dodingpole Hoe
survey 1598 fo. 93 Xoph Isaac - two parcels - one 1a3r20p, the other - 2a1r21p - total 4a1p
A small angle of the first retains its old form and called in the Commutation map no. 506 (506) Mill Hopstevens Grove 1a36p
abstract of title no. 56 - but not traced beyond 1618 - I have followed it through the rolls to the present time
Sawiers alias Sawyers Croft
survey 1598 fo. 101 - Jn Church 3a1r24p
abstract of title no. 11 - by estimation 4a
This field lies on the south side of the highway from Colne to Halstead adjoining to a field parcel of Clarks formerly called Redings - Thos Leffingwell - the two now laid together in Commutation map no. 444 (444) (444a) still called Sawyers containing 8a3r38p
Commutation map 1836 contents and names of the fields of this farm in Commutation map
439 (439) (439a) Meetinghouse Croft 5a1r
444 (444) (444a) Sawers 8a3r28p
449 (449) (449a) (449b) (449c) (449d) (449e) Fir Pasture 10a27p
450 (450) homestead 1a12p
451 (451) Great Pitchers 11a2r21p
452 (452) (452a) Little Pitchers 8a3r4p
499 (499) Lower Newmans 7a1r12p
501 (501) (501a) Upper Newmans 6a2r4p
502 (502) Swanlands 7a1r15p
503 (503) (503a) Bridgmans 9a32p
504 (504) (504a) Bridgmans Meadow 6a3r5p
505 (505) (505a) The Meadow 4a3r39p
506 (506) Mill Hopstevens Grove 1r36p
507 (507) (507a) (507b) Mill Hopstevens 11a1r12p
508 (508) Lovelands 9a1r
509 (509) Grove Pasture 3r
510 (510) (510a) (510b) (510c) Ten Acres 12a3r18p
512 (512) The Old Hopground 2a1r20p
513 (513) Broom Hopstevens 10a2r36p
519 (519) Stonebridge Field 2a1r23p
524 (524) Brookfield 6a2r3p
total 144a2r27p
A map was exhibited at the sale of this property 16.4.1833 made by mr Storer of Colchester 1790 - which gives only 139a3r2p and the names of the fields somewhat varied from the above. I have also given a sketch (two loose sketch plans) in juxtaposition from the map and survey of 1598 with the names of the land and the then proprietors from which I have traced the respective parcels in both manors to the present time - but few copyholds within the two manors have been more obscured by the alteration of boundaries and change of name than this estate and it is quite impossible to locate every parcel according to the names and descriptions on the rolls - nor is it easy (though much less difficult) to attach the respective quitrents - I have carefully traced them through successive rentals back to the period of the survey in 1598 - the total amount seems accurate but from the carelessness of the collectors, the particular parcels had not been kept separate (See maps etc. relating to this property in collection of maps) Soon after the admission of mr Hen Skingley in 1833 he pulled down the old tenement and farm buildings called Clarks copyhold of the Priory manor - and erected a good mansion and extensive farm premises on lands called Pitchards alias Pitchers , copyhold of the Earldom - This should be stated in future admissions. In tracing the title I had some doubt whether part of a field called Brockholes was not holden by free deed - but the old Terrier makes is all copyhold - and the auctioneer at the sale said he could not warrant any part as freehold or produce any free deed to prove that it was so. I can trace the titles of the several parcels which appear to comprise the whole of this estate back to the time of the survey in 1598 giving the names, locality, estimated extent, and respective occupants etc. but there will still remain several names on the rolls, attached to copyholds, which I cannot identify. The several maps of this property, in its old and modern divisions are given in connection with the followings titles
Clarks and Cates alias Catts Croft copyhold of Priory vide survey 1598 fo. 97, 98 and 100
abstract of title to 1751 no. 79 and 25
eleven parcels of Clarks containing 23a2r28p and Cates Croft 3a2r32p heretofore of Thos Leffingwell
On the death of Barth Church 1630 these lands were thus divided between his widow (mother) and sister - vide roll of that date
Rose Church widow (mother) of Barth Church to a field called Ten Acres now divided into two - and two field called Readings - and one other called Stonebridge Croft all parcels of Clarks
Mary Church sister of Barth to a tenement called Clarks , and five crofts of land lying on the backside of the said tenement - also to a croft of land called Cates Croft
in 1683 these were all united (in Jn Josselin ) and have so remained to this time