Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000770

Henrietta Sophia Skingley 7.3.1838

copyhold of Earldom

to all that parcel of land called Little Bridgemans - quitrent 4s

and also to all those customary lands and tenements called Hobstevens by estimation 4a - quitrent 9s

and also to other customary lands called Pitchards containing 18a - quitrent 9s2d

1716 Jn Harrington surrender Gilb Smith

1764 Edm Harrington death of father Jn

Edm Harrington death of father Edm

1802 Eliz Harrington will of husband Edm

1833 Hen Skingley death of Eliz and surrender of executors of Edm Harrington

1838 death fine - on these and other parcels of copyhold now constituting the whole farm called Colne Green    

Little Bridgemans copyhold of Earldom

survey 1598 the heirs of Jn Barrett - 3a1r12p

abstract of title page 27

Hobstevens and Pichards alias Pytchers copyhold of Earldom

survey 1598 fo. 28-29 Hobstevens Jn Collyns - in three parcels - 1st - 8a3r16p, 2nd 6a2r10p, 3rd 3a3r6p - total 18a1r32p

Two portions of this have been severed - viz .5a surrendered by Wm Collin to Jn Little in 1633 - and 1a2r by Gilb Smith to Thos Little in 1695 - these portions now in possession of Phil Nunn (see page 134) - The residue in tenure of H.S. Skingley being by estimation 16a1r32p

abstract of title p. 3

survey 1598 - fo. 32 Pitchards Jn Collyn 20a3r27p

abstract of title p. 181

by rolls 2Edw6 and 3Edw6 Jn Ashfield (Edm Ashfield ) was admitted to Pychards and Brookholes as both of this manor - in 4Edw6 Ann Ashfield is admitted only to Pichards

Brockhole copyhold of Priory vide survey 1598 fo. 95 - abstract of title to 1751 no. 11

The whole of Brockholes by the map is 7a1r7p

This is the land as to which there is some obscurity of part being held by free deed. In 1548 a day is given to Jn Ashefield (Edm Ashfield ) gent to show his evidence in behalf of Ann his wife late the wife (sister) of Jn Wingfield how he held certain lands called Pichards and Brookholes - in 1549 Pichards and Brockholes are seized for want of showing evidence and in 1550 Ann Ashfield is admitted to Pichards without mention of Brockholes - This land in 1598 was parcel of the possessions of Jn Collin on surrender of Jn Bird

It retains the old form and in Commutation map no. 524 (524) called Brookfield 6a2r3p