Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

21.3.1652 (Sunday 21 March 1652)

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March. 21: My god was good to us and all ours my son John has 2 teeth cut when just half a year old. my children ill with scab, but I question not but god saw it best for them and me and sent it, and I hope in order to their health, and preservation from the threatening illness of the time, god preserved all my family in our towns sickness for which I bless and praise his holy name. the lord lets me daily into my own sinfulness, unfitness for his work, as not meet so much as to make a pin of, and I find also in people a coldness towards me, and little of love and affection, which shall not damp but quicken me, knowing my work shall not be in vain in the lord whatsoever recompense or entertainment it meet withal from men. Major Haines with us, it was said there was some likelihood of agreement with the Hollander, gods ways are best I will not prescribe him what he shall do, but desire to follow him in what he does and is doing, Stowen calved a bull calf, still went 40 weeks 1 day.

March.24. 1652: a review of my outward estate which god has given me.

Bollinhatch part and 2 closes in Colne, as formerly.
Mallories sold in lieu of that I have in Mr J.L. and Mr J.L. hands 250li
in Mr P. hands that which was in Mr J.L. formerly. 050.
25. March: 1652. now at hand in money and improvement of Mrs Maries land.. 85
My stock in all much as last year 32
I was then in debt. 70li. I am now in debt about 12li. so I have paid 58li. and have added 4. to Mrs Maries land. this year through mercy gives me an improvement of my estate to about 70li. for which I desire to give praise and thanks to my good God. I have moreover in G.Y. hands 10.