Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

19.12.1676 (Thursday 19 December 1676)

document 70018510

19. Set apart this day with my family to humble my soul before god for our sins to seek his direction for and blessing on us and ours: the special occasion Johns ill husbandry: and Eliz. offer of a young man from London who is coming down, and she s[ee]ms very averse it. lord in the Christ of god, thy beloved one I expect [ ] and blessings. I read in course in morning Mic: 4. passages therein comfort [passages in] altering things from bad to good, lord make them so among mine. I first pro[posed] a duty to look up to direction from god. Ezra: 8.21. who has the casting our lot. Is. 34.17 then I commended all to god in prayer: if god cast your lost rest in it. and to know it. observe. Pro. 3.6. own god and he will dwell therein Psal. 32.8. now gods direction is by our parents for children. Eph. its right. answer that in Ezra rest in a husbands house: Ruth. 1.9. thats done when both bring gods fear. mutual love and industrious prudence, the way is by parents provision and children following their counsel as Ab. took a wife for Isaac. whom he took and loved. Gen. 24. and thus god comforts in losses in one another; Ruth she follows Naomis counsel and all well. though the counsel at the barn floor seemed strange. let me show you an instance of a heady marriage in Sampson. it turned to his death(,) against his parents advice he would marry etc. god casts your lot in parents choice Exod. 2.19.21. Numbers. 30. vows to god allowed or disallowed by parents otherwise sad(,) therefore my children receive this counsel as gods not mine. it is mine because gods and so its gods being mine, to father that is to counsel which will be your crown as theirs. 1. Thes. 2.13. it will effectually work obedience and therefore hear him. pro. 23.22. pro. 8.9. I am persuaded a blessing will follow this counsel even read Is. 55.3. your souls shall live; and I hope god will give an answer of peace(,) I will be his and look up. and my god shall speak peace, I prayed thrice with them. their mother gave them the same advice. god in mercy give them his blessing.