Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

26.1.1678 (Saturday 26 January 1678)

document 70018945

Jan: 26. 1677.

Sensible it entered my 63 year, read in course. Acts. 14. of the impotent man in his feet with faith god would keep my distemper from hurt, would heal it and do me good. v.27. I could rehearse much god has done for me and mine and setting up my store of help, I look forward and know he will be with me to old age. lord I will be with you by the help of thy grace; but oh how little have I hitherto done for god. our life eating, sleeping, caring, sinning. little of holiness. [Grat]ified John in his desires, so that he in a prospect of 11. in hand 5li. but at [present he is] in his old sottish humour. what must kindness rise in judgement against him. lord [ ] give me a holy heart suiting that day.