Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

30.1.1678 (Wednesday 30 January 1678)

document 70018950

[ ] out with two ploughs for forward our work. lord bless and prosper me therein for [ ] and hindered. 30. at night heard sad shriekings it proved a child about a mi[le ] apprentices was drowned under the ice. they within at cards. it is comfortable [when tro]uble comes finding us well employed. preached to a small audience, bapt. 2 children. [H]eard of the eagerness of our king for war with France: the Parl. voting 70m. to bury the [la]te King after (after) 29 years being in grave. strange things. why is not money voted to buy [ ] and harlots petticoats: god will be seen in the mount as I preached. I have no opinion [of] our meddling with France. of our conduct or sincerity. but you lord reign, and I'll be quie[t] this week fair. god good in my calling, let thy blessing be on my substance bu[t e]specially bless my labours towards souls. the mound on my leg swollen painful and black. I much scratched it. my desires are this morning with my god. Mr Harlakenden being dead. and Mr Cressener , and the 2 gent. at the priory going away, I think myself much concerned for the town, lord I will put forth myself even beyond my strength for public good. lord bless my endeavours.