Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

17.2.1678 (Sunday 17 February 1678)

document 70018955

Feb. 17. That day the Parliament sat down the French King began his journey towards Germany [and] the King receiving an address from them schooled them(,) they voted 20. regiments foot[e] 4 horse. 2 of dragoons. 90 ships to support the Dutch alliance. Sp. Netherlands and abate the French(,) weekly charge per month at 28 days 157,000li and upwards. [Mr] Eldred returned. his aunt Parker dying gave her estate from her family to her husban[d] a great trouble and disappointment. possibly god may call over young Harlakenden[s] wrongs. Mrs Androws mother in law to my friend dead, which eases them of a great charge and trouble. god good to me in the labours of the day which were great.