Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

9.2.1651 (Sunday 9 February 1651)

document 70005520

Feb. 9. My god was good to us this week in our health only my son Tho. had fits of his ague, the lord sanctify it to me and remove it from him, my former illness well, no pain or trouble almost with my face, the weather very good this week also, dry and sunshine much, the wind cold, Mr Owen returned from Scotland, heard by him of Major Haines health, and success in his employment, there are expectations of some bustles in Ireland and Scotland, France is tampering about Mazarine, the lord was good to me the days past, in helping me against divers lusts that assail me, the good lord subdue all under his grace in me, and make me wholly and nakedly yours, the lord was good to me in the word and work of the day. the next week I appointed two meetings to receive the names of persons that intend to receive the sacrament together, and to receive information concerning their fitness to join in that ordinance, the lords presence be with us therein for good.