Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

20.2.1648 (Sunday 20 February 1648)

document 70003100

Feb: 20: This week I was through mercy well, heard no news of my ague, my wife getting upwards as well if not better than ever. all my family in health except my little Ralph (,) he is not so tedious to us, because he does not shriek nor cry in his fits but lies quietly; we gave him breast milk at last, and little else:. On the Lords day Jane fell into the fire, and afterwards dagged a pair of scissors in Thom: eyebrow, but god preserved both from any great hurt blessed be his name: I ventured abroad and preached twice, knowing my strength belonged to god that gave it and he could preserve my body from danger while I was in his service, which in mercy he did, and gave me strength for the work, lord you know my weak heart and temptations I pray you give me watchfulness and power against it, that I may follow you fully, and that this rod may do me good, and if you take away one baby let mercy stand between the living and dead to spare us.