Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

24.8.1646 (Monday 24 August 1646)

document 70001830

24: Met about Guy Penhacke : a fellow servant of his at Mr Litles charged him to have been 5 times naught with her and that she was with child by him, the man denied, we pressed both and prayed with them, laboured in all solemness of spirit that could be to discover the truth, he denied, and said he was clear, he stood like an astonished man that could say nothing, she continued constant in her tale: she died within 2 years Lord you keep me, preserve from occasions that tend to this sin by thy grace, he said he saw he devil in C(olne) E(ngaine). but is yet alive. This day my son Thomas took physic for his ague, it wrought well on him to god be praise the blessing upon means comes from god.