Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

25.11.1649 (Sunday 25 November 1649)

document 70004525

25: Both these weeks god was good to me and mine in our health, I was free in a great measure from colds, and although I stirred much, yet my navel did continue well, god being health thereunto, we wanting nothing though the times were wonderful hard, wheat at above 9s. and rye above 7s. a bushel god good to us in our health, only my little Ralph was ill, but I hope it was only breeding of teeth, Mary was out at Mrs Ellistons where she learned to sew: god was good to me in my son Tho: who learned well, and I wish if ever he be a man he would remember I undertook the teaching the school at this time chiefly for his sake, among the boys, though my highest aim was to do good while I live, god was merciful to me in giving me and my dear wife bowels towards the poor, we began this week to fast ourselves a meal or 2 in a week, and give away a meals provision in meat broth, or money to the poor, god was good in giving me a heart in some measure to walk closely with him, restraining temptations, and the strength of corruption in my heart oh that I might be thoroughly sanctified, and delivered from every evil work, and preserved spotless to the coming of Jesus Christ the lord was good to me in the Sabbaths I continued yet to expound a chapter both parts of the day, but I did not write them down being so much overlaid with business. The times were very sad in England so that men dare not travel, and indeed rich men were afraid to lie in their houses robbers were so many and bold, men knew not how to carry monies, and many gentlemens houses were set upon and pilfered: the affairs of Ireland went well, the hand of god was notable that when our interests was low there then the natural Irish, and the mere Popish party joined not with ormond but rather assisted us, but seeing no hope from us, when ormond was low, and our forces began to prosper then oneale , and his party fell in with ormond . god can divide men to weaken them, and unite them and harden their hearts to destroy them.