Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

11.8.1650 (Sunday 11 August 1650)

document 70005125

August: 11: This week the Lord was bountiful in his provisions for us and outward mercies towards us, my wife better than formerly. my son Tho: was as if he had strained his instep, and was very lame, but went indifferently well the next morning, for which and all other mercies the lord be praised, [navel] my navel through mercy continued well all this last week, my cold did wear away by little and little, I think I sometimes renew it by my sneezing and wheezing a little in nights, it spends by sweating, and otherwise, my phlegm is white, tough and frothy: I heard from divers of my friends this week of their health: thus god continues his favour to me, god left me not this week to my lusts and temptations to have dominion over me, but kept my heart close to him wherein I do rejoice, nay my soul desires to see him, my quickening and my strength in all acts whatsoever without whom I can do nothing; the lord was good and merciful to me this day in the work thereof, oh command a blessing on me, and mine for Jesus Christ his sake. I entreat thee, my son Tho: went to church with me this afternoon for which I bless my god.