Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

4.7.1652 (Sunday 4 July 1652)

document 70006650

July. 4. The Lord was very good to me and mine the days past, my little Jane much better than formerly, the lord affect my heart with his goodness therein to me, my heart I find often very unspiritual, I desire to bring it to Jesus for quickening, oh when shall I perceive his virtue enliven me, the Major procured 15li. for me at London, which is gods goodness who provides me competently, plentifully, but indeed I serve him coldly and negligently. this day I began to unfold the assembly catechism, the lord in mercy bless me therein whose honour in the instruction of my people I mainly desire. my Tho: answered first the lord accept me and do me good.