Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

6.7.1651 (Sunday 6 July 1651)

document 70005835

July. 6. This week past the Lord was good to us in our outward mercies preserved through mercy from those distempers that are abroad: my dear wife now and then sad sick fits: the lord in mercy support her under them, not only with strength of life, but with the life of comfort, my son Tho: very ill one night, a good sleep through mercy refreshed and strengthened him, myself had a great pose die. 4 and 5 a little, but its gone and falls not down into my chest I bless my god. even my outward troubles the lord may make use of, for outward good which I desire, and therefore in and under them I desire to wait to(o) upon him: the goodness of god was upon my spirit more to quiet and still my heart, to enable against attempts of Satan to keep my heart from many annoying lusts for which I bless his name: the success of our forces in Connaught in Ireland is very great none being able to stand before them, from Scotland we expect action in as much as the armies are on the march the lord be with our forces to prosper them. Our ambassadors are returned from Holland, it is apprehended without doing the business for which they were sent. the lord was good to me in the work and duty of the Sabbath, the lord in mercy own me and stand by me in his work to that end. H. Hatch wife very ill, lord if it may be still this infection amongst us.