Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

22.9.1650 (Sunday 22 September 1650)

document 70005220

Sept: 22: The Lord merciful to me and mine in our health, peace and plenty, he has preserved the town this week also from the infection of the smallpox that it has proceeded no further, for which the lord be praised: The season is very sad in wet hinders seed time, raises corn already, rots our muttons how sensible we are when god is against us in the creatures, but not sensible of our sins which are the occasion of this. my navel continued well this week I did not dress it when it was last moist, in time my god will perfectly heal me, he knows what is best for me, and on him I will wait for the same my heart very apt to some of its former vanities, lord be thou my strength for of myself I have no power to keep close to thee, The lord was good to me in the day which was a comfortable day, he in mercy pardon my sins accept my soul, and make me serviceable to the glory of his name in the good of my people. my son Tho: goes on very well in the learning of his book blessed be my god, sanctify his heart also oh my god that he may be your servant, and a comfort to us