Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

17.7.1659 (Sunday 17 July 1659)

document 70011900

July. 17. In some perplexity about my son , his Master not being willing to take him(.) I read in course. 1 Sam. 9. Saul seeking lost asses found the kingdom, and this was some stay, god can order good out of our evil, lord I rule my soul on thee, I commit myself unto thee, I pray bring things about for thy glory and our good. my heart made out to god believing in him, that he would not fail nor forsake me herein. The season is dripping, grass growing but wheat is mildewed again and likely to be dear. the lord make us sensible of his afflicting hand, and prepare our hearts to submit to, and turn unto him, that he may show us favour. Tom up and down in the family among us, the lord sanctify him and us all, and still preserve us for his christs sake.