Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

31.7.1673 (Thursday 31 July 1673)

document 70017205

[Ann Josselin ] July 31. This morning after 2 of the clock my dear Ann in her twentieth year died with me at Colne. a good child, following her brother to London. and from there here, to lie in his grave, loving in their lives and in their deaths they were not divided. lying in the same grave(.) twenty three years before god opened the grave and Mary first the eldest of that brood and Ralph the youngest after, lay in the same grave(.) god has taken 5 of 10. lord let it be enough. and spare that we may recover strength; be reconciled in the blood of thy son my saviour and make all mine yours as I hope you will and shine upon me for the Lords sake in mercy.