Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

31.3.1667 (Sunday 31 March 1667)

document 70015470

Mar. 31. God good in his word, and his providences hope of peace, and hopes in Poland and Crete that the Turk shall not carry all before him; the season cheerful.

[Estate.] When I come to review my estate, I observe my stock is fuller than it was last year. my debts rather more, but the visible advantage is in Wades house which I have purchased worth 20li. but 8li. was paid before. and in setting up my son Thomas to whom I gave. 50li. but 22li. or thereabouts was gold gathered formerly, I have built nothing this year. I have no monies by me not above 4li. besides what is in my debt book and that is in my sons hands neither had I any sum last year. my expenses were: 95li.152.4. yet I reckon it a saving year, my family all about me. and gods mercy on me which is my crown, and I trust his holy blessing shall continue on me and mine through christ all our days