Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

9.4.1659 (Saturday 9 April 1659)

document 70011675

9. Heard of Joan Richmonds death. Mrs H. servant who was sent from the priory by Mr Harlakenden , when the smallpox was coming out. a sad stroke. god in mercy sanctify all to me, and rid my heart of hardness and unmercifulness: accept my praise, my hearty thanks for thy preservation oh my god. let thy good spirit, lead me through in all thy paths, to thy glory I pray thee.

When I came to view outward things I find divers dear friends dead especially my dear and never to be forgotten Harlakenden , an estate of lands coming into my hands so that I may estimate my lands. viz.

John Crows worth 21li. 8s. 0.
Toms and my close 5. 10. 0.
Sprigs Marsh 3. 0. 0.
Bollinhatch 7. 16. 0.
Tibbalds 47. 0. 0.
84. 14. 0.

I am much in debt, but I have money enough owing to me to clear all my debts, and a 100li. in my purse this is the lords bounty, teach me to serve thee with a glad and thankful heart according to thy great goodness, I found this year I saved some money, and I hope have gained acquaintance with and experience of god.