Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

10.4.1659 (Sunday 10 April 1659)

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April 10. God good to me in bringing me back Worcester tedious and sorrowful journey to preach at Colne to my people. the lord help them, to profit, god good to us in our mercies Joane Richmond dead at London put out at the priory when the smallpox on her. the agents. Mathews wife . Justice Harlakenden and old Mr Harl: lord lay it not to their charge. lord preserve me from that distemper and replenish my heart with thy grace. pity that poor widow, and do me good for thy names sake, make me wise for her souls and estates good. this day my wife pulled out a dangerous thorn that had stuck about 6. weeks in my finger as long as a barley corn , and as big as an awl point, without any danger for which god be praised