Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

23.6.1650 (Sunday 23 June 1650)

document 70005005

June: 23: This week the lord was good to me and all mine in abundance of outward mercies: on Monday.17. our two children took physic, and were sick even to death, so that our hearts trembled, fearing the issue, but the lord in mercy to us quickly blew it over, and they revived and are now well, I praise him: [navel] die:21: my navel issued, I did not wash it this time, it did well presently: the lord good in drawing both our hearts nearer to him, so that we do endeavour more to enjoy communion with him, and he affords it to my soul for which I praise him: I find I go through the matter of the school without any extraordinary burden, the times of school I make my times of study, so that at other times I have occasions attended, the lord was good to us in the town in staying the infection of the smallpox wherein he answered our prayers, so that it spread not to any persons farther, the lord teach us to profit by his dealings: the lord was good to me in the Sabbath, in the word preached and opened, the irreverent carriage of divers in sitting with their hats on when the psalm is singing is strange to me, the good Lord in mercy keep me spotless, and pardon all my sins, and purge me thoroughly and sanctify me, I entreat thee.