Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

16.3.1662 (Sunday 16 March 1662)

document 70013415

March: 16. A hopeful morning for dryness, the lord be blessed for every act of mercy and bounty. god good to us in our many outward mercies, god gave me a comfortable Sabbath, my heart sensible of its nothing, god good in giving us bowels to relieve one in want by fire. my son very cheerful and looks well, his fellow apprentice is going away, the lord do him good by all. this day. Corbet , Okey , and Barkstead formerly Lt. of the Tower, who were taken in Holland by Sir George Downing formerly scoutmaster of Cromwells army, were committed to the tower, what changes god makes in the world. who also was Okeys chaplain.