Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

17.1.1647 (Sunday 17 January 1647)

document 70002245

Jan: 17: This week was partly wet and dry, very warm for the season: die 16. the sun shone very hot yet we have not had scarce any snow I saw none, hardly discernible if any, nor scarce 24 hours continuing frost; Mr Ri: Harlakenden very ill, the Lord in mercy to me and to the family raise him up, my cold exceedingly abated, I scarce feel it, to god be praise; the lord was good to me and mine in our health, peace and plenty; my sister Mary somewhat ill, with an ague, heard from my sister An , I sent them somewhat to refresh them, blessed be god enables me to give anything the lord good in withholding me from evil that my nature is subject unto, oh keep me for my trust is in you, the Lord was good to me in the duty of the Sabbath, in carrying me through the same, the good Lord in mercy, pardon my sins and accept my soul.