Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

26.3.1647 (Friday 26 March 1647)

document 70002420

1647: 26: This year I begun in a visit of the general his Excellency Sir Tho: Fairfax . at my lady Veeres at Hinningham, where I had the honour and favour to discourse with him, and dine with him, he is a man thankful for respects, and yet casts away honour from himself(.) we rid outwards on his way with him, took our leaves, and returned in safety praise be unto god:

Our Constant loving Friend Mrs Mary gave my wife a gold ring, and myself a silver tooth, and ear pick, as a remembrance of her love, my dearest wife would needs also be so bounteous as to give me a silver seal, to use and not lose for her sake./