Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

9.5.1647 (Sunday 9 May 1647)

document 70002515

May: 9. This week god good to me and mine in many outward mercies, health, peace, plenty and in keeping me from many temptations incident to my nature, the lord gives me daily to see in my own slender abilities, and weakness blessed be his name for it, and blessed be the lord for what I am, god good to me in my studies in the whole week, merciful in the Sabbath, preaching and expounding the word, congregation grows very thin, oh lord do not give my flock over to looseness and error, people seldom frequent hearing the word, little care of his worship: this week my wife weaned her daughter Jane , she took it very contentedly, god has given me much comfort in my wife and children, and in their quietness, which has made my bed a rest and refreshing comfort unto me, this week gave us some hopes of blowing over the discontents of the army, and hopes of accord through the means of Skippon entertaining the command of Ireland, and the houses yielding to the soldiers in divers particulars. heard of the sad condition of young Mr Ri. Simons being sadly distracted, the lord in mercy pity him, and raise him up, and show him favour