Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

12.5.1647 (Wednesday 12 May 1647)

document 70002520

12: Enjoyed the company and society of divers christian friends at Mr Cosins house, where we had very good and profitable discourse about divers particulars, especially about the sin against the holy ghost, this day I received in 50s. quarterage from the town, a greater sum than I had received in divers weeks before, heard also the good news of my Lady Honywoods being brought to bed well delivered of a son:

this week produced two observable remembrances; of a friend Mr T(hompson) and Mrs E(lizabeth) L(itle) towar(ds) whom I had shown great love and care, in ripening marriage resolutions: yet though my neighbours married and never acquainted with the same until past: when invited to come to them, I thought it wisdom to forbear: the other of my Cousin Benton grown excessively fat and gross for so short a space, as less than a year; he is now destitute of a place, an unsettled condition is much to be lamented, and pitied: I received in two good jags of wood for my fire from my own grounds:.