Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

16.5.1647 (Sunday 16 May 1647)

document 70002525

May: 16: This week god was very good to me and mine in the continuance of our peace, health and outward mercies, in keeping my feet in his paths and delivering me from the power of many temptations: the lord makes me to possess my wants, and surely one end why he shows them to me, is to make me more earnest in begging, a supply for my emptiness out of his fullness, god very good in the mercies of the day, in reading and expounding the scripture, and in preaching the word, oh how sweet is the meditation and apprehension of god a father, oh how love streams out from there, god good to me in my family, my eyes also somewhat better, took notice of the rudeness of divers about the congregation, reproved them, and encouraged the officers to punish them, heard Mr Ri: Simons was indifferently recovered out of his distemper, lord sanctify that dealing and chastisement of yours to him: