Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

13.6.1647 (Sunday 13 June 1647)

document 70002580

June: 13: This week god was good to me and mine in many outward mercies, only my wife though indifferently well, yet weakly and fearful of illness. the lord in mercy be grace, health and strength to her. my little daughter Jane was very weakly: our confusions and disorders and want of communion are a trouble to me, my resolutions are to the utmost to draw into some church order. Lord herein make me sensible of my corruptions and failings and give me an upright heart in the work and wisdom to manage it for thy glory and let no discouragements make me give back, make me all things to all men that I win some to glorify thy name, this week our distempers continued, but our hopes were the issue would be good: the Lord was good to me in the Sabbath in the duties and exercises thereof to his name be praise and glory. Spent much time and took especial care to draw up a fair petition to the house that they would have special respect to our safety and the content of the army. and this we did as far as possible without passionate overswaying affection to either part. and this we rather did to prevent the subscribing divers heady petitions that went up and down the country tending to disturbance:.