Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

20.6.1647 (Sunday 20 June 1647)

document 70002585

June: 20: This week god graciously continued to me, and to divers of mine, our wonted mercies of peace, health, plenty, only my dear wife somewhat faint, but when over, as merry as the pleasant roe, my Little Jane weakly in some danger of the rickets, Lord you have hitherto continually done me and mine good, let thy mercy for strength be on that tender plant for thy goodness sake; our disturbances in state continue and increase, the issue we hope will be for the good of the nation: amen, amen: our present want of order and discipline is sad, I enjoyed a meeting of divers of my people and invited divers others to test their spirits in reference to discipline, and the hand of god was upon us for good, the lord my god make me as a he goat before my flock in this work, and continue me in the work to manage it with sincerity, and zeal; we endeavoured a fair petition to the house, it was generally resented in the house, I hope it will prevent higher ones in the County from taking place, the lord was good to me in the word preached and opened, he in mercy accept me, purge me, make me to resemble him in holiness to his glory.