Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

8.8.1647 (Sunday 8 August 1647)

document 70002690

Aug: 8: This week the lord began to blow over our fears of a new war, the city was in division and not as one man for a new war blessed be god, and that made way especially by the means of South-warkes complying with the army, for an accord which in my apprehension was one of the greatest acts of the army, performed [July: 27.] on so great a city, a pretended parliament sitting to encourage them what was in their power and that from Tuesday when they had the first notice thereof, by Wednesday night following, in (9) nine days the army entering Southwarke Aug:4. and the accord made that night with London, the army being scattered the headquarters at Bedford, some soldiers in Suffolk, others 100d. miles and more from London. they say in their declaration some were gone from them 200 miles, this was wonderful in our eyes: this week the lord was good and merciful to me and mine for our health peace, plenty and many outward mercies unto his name be the praise, the lord tries me with scorns and reproaches, and in some measure god gave me patience and wisdom to silence the mouths of such persons, so as there was no just cause of complaint though I was taxed for lording, and domineering and doing R.A. the greatest wrong that ever any did him, the lord by all tune my spirit to lowliness and to live on god beyond all creatures. the lord was good to me in some measure in the exercises of Sabbath, he pardon me for his glorious name sake.