Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

22.2.1648 (Tuesday 22 February 1648)

document 70003110

22: These 2 days were such as I never knew before; the former for the death, and this for the burial of my dear son whom I laid in the chancel on the North side of the great Tomb; there your bones rest out of my sight, but your soul lives in your and my gods sight, and soul and body shall assuredly arise to enjoy god, and these eyes of mine shall see it: yes and my god shall make me see this dealing of his to be for the best.

This little boy of 10 days old, when he died was buried with the tears and sorrow not only of the parents and Mrs Mary Church , but with the tears and sorrow of many of my neighbours. Mrs King and Mrs Church : 2 doctor of divinites widows: the gravest matrons in our town laid his tomb into the earth: which I esteem not only a testimony of their love to me, but of their respect to my baby. Mrs King and Mr Harlakenden of the priory , closed up each of them one of his eyes when it died: it died upwards, first in the feet and then in the head, and yet wonderfully sweetly and quietly: