Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

26.2.1648 (Saturday 26 February 1648)

document 70003130

26: heard Roger Londons wife of Gaines Colne was dead who was well and at our town at a meeting Feb.15. the lord good in sparing my life and my wife's: Lord in mercy to our soul you shall raise us up, and give us your grace and we shall serve you. my cold this day lay much in my chest, it straitened the same and made me breath with wheezing, and some pain and difficulty: but the light of thy countenance is my banner, oh continue thy love and thy goodness, and I shall in all conditions praise thee, at night much stopped with phlegm, especially when laid in bed, I took buttered beer again, and then word was brought Mrs Harl: was dying if not dead. I cannot say my mind was moved with any fear, but I grew cold, and quaked and could not hold a joint, but in short time my heat returned and shaking ceased, and the night was comfortable to me, the meditation of thy love and goodness was my banner oh god.