Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

19.3.1648 (Sunday 19 March 1648)

document 70003215

March. 19. This week after a long restraint; god was pleased to set me at liberty again I went abroad now commonly again to any of my friends and neighbours houses in my restraint, I read over Meads Clavis Apocalypita. and Usser. his successio Eccles: and half Crakanthropes history of the 5t Gen. council, this day also my wife went to church with me, the lord be praised for this mercy in raising her up again: my little ones in health: oh Lord I find my laziness and neglect of my studies to take me again, and my old dregs and dross returning oh lord I pray thee let not my temptations be ever entertained as formerly. oh give me a heart to handle them roughly at the door and not let them in, but let my soul be preserved wholly for thee, for in thee do I delight, this week I received many kindnesses from Mrs Mary Church: who does all things towards us, with abundance of love, I might fill my book with expressions, but they are too little. oh Lord do thou requite it into her bosom as you see best for her. god was good and merciful to me in giving me strength for the Sabbath and carrying me through in the same, the good Lord in mercy accept me pardon all my sins and be graciously reconciled unto me;