Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

4.4.1648 (Tuesday 4 April 1648)

document 70003255

April: 2: This week the lord was good to us in our health, and outward mercies, so that we wanted nothing that was needful, the lord to my soul also supply every grace, and make me to abound therein to the glory of his name; I find my old vanities ready to put up head again, and sometime quashed at first, sometime I am dallying with them, and therefore I desire to nourish in my mind a daily remembrance as of gods deliverance, so of his chastisement and the engagement of my spirit therein: this Sabbath day I preached thrice; once I helped a sick neighbour of mine, expounded but once. the god of heaven good in giving me strength for the same, he in mercy accept and pardon, and do my soul good. I was ill in my stomach, and yet very loathe to enter into a course of physic(.) this week I had a great looseness and griping of my body, avoiding thereby much choler, which I look upon as a good providence of god towards me.