Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

9.4.1648 (Sunday 9 April 1648)

document 70003270

9: This week the lord was good to us in health and many outward mercies, the lord good in the revival of the spirits of my dear wife from under sad fears of illness and death approaching, good in providing for us in this scarce and necessary times; the lord in mercy make my lusts and corruptions stoop, and keep me that no iniquity may have dominion over me; the Lord good to me in the Sabbath I preaching in the morning at Pebmersh, and in the afternoon at home; its a mercy that god has early raised me up to be helpful to my neighbours I rode and returned safe; the good Lord pardon my failings and in christ accept me.

on this lords day at night, it rained a fine shower, blessed be the lord who heard our prayers, it thundered and lightened also; and if I be not mistaken my dear Jane (may be Jane) will remember this night,