Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

31.4.1648 (Sunday 30 April 1648)

document 70003320

31: This week the lord good to us in our peace and health, my dear wife only faint and complaining of weakness as if swoonings would seize on her, then presently prettily well and cheerful, the lord for his mercy sake raise her up to, and keep her in perfect health for my comfort, and mine, and for the serving of his holy name. god has cast me into sad times, and yet my heart is as vain as ever, and exceeding prone to forget mercies, and promises made unto god, the lord in mercy make me more zealous for his glory, and careful to honour him, the lord in mercy was good to me in giving me strength for the work and duty of the Sabbath, but my heart is guilty of not doing duties with all my might, I pray thee holy god therefore in mercy make me more careful to attend to thy service for thy glorious names sake.