Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

13.6.1648 (Tuesday 13 June 1648)

document 70003425

13. I returned home met with danger by our own men; who by some sudden accident mistaking me sought for me, but I escaped their hands through gods mercy, who in their fury might have done me wrong; I was called for by my friends and acquainted that there was no danger, and spying the men still in the street, my poor baby Mary cried and pitied me, but one desired me to go out of her house for fear she should be plundered: it cut my heart to see my life no more regarded by her, and it was the greatest dampener and trouble to my Spirit for present that ever I met with; a true friend shows it in adversity, and such I found Mrs Church and her daughter , I am persuaded it cut the heart of the Gentlewoman for what she said, and therefore I willingly in my spirit passed the unkindness by. my dear wife was with me, much amazed: I went to my Lady Honywoods that night, and my wife and all the children, where we have been kindly entertained, the lord requite her love; I my wife , and children, could not shift us, until my Lady furnished us with the same; that night the Gen. marched to Colchester, where was a sad skirmish, we retreated to Lexden, and resolved to draw a line about the town,

I went divers times to the lea guard, but through gods providence, I met with no danger, yet the muskets divers times, and the Drake bullet flew with divers noises near me, my days are in gods hands, but I have not returned unto god according to his great goodness, but have found my own heart more out of frame, and more subject to temptation and evil in this time than at other times: the lord in mercy pardon me and accept me and sanctify me