Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

17.8.1648, 17.9.1648, 20.9.1648, 22.9.1648 (Thursday 17 August 1648)

document 70003580

Septemb. 17. This week the Lord was good, and merciful to me, and mine in our peace, and in preserving us, and affording abundance of needful mercies: god was good to me in giving me power against some vanities of mind, but against some others, I have neither heart nor care to resist nor power, the good Lord in mercy affect me with my condition and make me sensible of the same for the glory of his own holy name,

this week die 20. 22: was very wet the season very sad both in reference to corn and unto fallows, very few lands being fit to be sown upon; some say that divers cattle that feed in the meadows die, their bowels being eaten out with gravel and dirt.

on the 17 of August I intimated that, it was probable I should not very long stay with them, but truly very few in the town regard it, or that seem to take any notice of it;