Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

24.9.1648 (Sunday 24 September 1648)

document 70003585

September 24. This week god was merciful to me and all my family in our health in peace, and preservation, in the creatures for our use, in looking into my heart, I find, that vain thoughts lodge within me, oh how hard it is to serve god with all the heart, and strength, oh remember me, with your grace and your righteousness oh god of my salvation, the lord was good and merciful to me this day in the Sabbath and in the duties and exercises thereof, the lord in mercy pardon my sins, and make his word a blessing unto me and my people. I thought to have finished my text this day, and given notice of laying down preaching, but I could not finish the same. Some of the womenkind of the parish desire me not to go away, and Mr Elliston , who promises his endeavour to the uttermost to better the means; but other men stir not, say nothing.